Maintain Your Home With These 5 Handy Add-Ons

| October 18, 2013

Maintain Your Home With These 5 Handy Add-Ons

Technology has ensured that we can do so much at home than was possible in the past. With the latest gadgets, appliances, security set ups, and other devices installed in your home, you are certain to enjoy your time there a lot more. Here is a look at five handy add-ons that will improve the quality of your home life.

1. All in One Remote Control

While this is a device that has been around for a few years, there are surprisingly few people that incorporate it into their everyday lives. These all in one remote controls give you the option to control every device in your home from one place. For example, you can control your television, Blu Ray Player, cable box, music system, lights, and other electronics from one remote. Not only will this save on space, but it also makes it faster for you to control items. Instead of searching for individual remotes, you will have everything in one place.

2. iPad/Tablet Fridge Mount

This may seem as though it is an unnecessary gadget, but after you buy it you will see how it is indispensable. The fridge mount will allow you to stick your iPad or Android tablet onto your fridge, where it can perform a myriad of functions. You can have the iPad play music, or an audio book, which you can listen to while working in the kitchen.

3. Digital Measuring Spoon

Tired of having to take out different spoons for measurements? With the electronic measuring spoon, that will not be a problem. Simply choose the units you want to use, and add a particular item slowly until it reaches the number you need. This device is easy to use, and extremely useful.

4. Home Security

In terms of security companies, Vivint in Muskogee OK is one of the most recognized and well respected for home security systems. Modern home security systems are very advanced, allowing for a level of control that was not possible in the past. With a security system, you will get an alarm system, censors placed in rooms of your choosing, censors on all doors, windows, and entrances/exits, with optional camera technology.

Vivint is a real option for Irvine home security. For a low monthly price, you can ensure that your family is protected in your home at all times of the day and night.

5. Wall Socket/USB Combo

Instead of having to buy USB/electric adapters, add USB combo wall sockets all over your house. This will allow you to charge phones, tablets, and other electronic devices using their default USB cables.

Each of these gadgets is unique, but they all add an element of efficiency to your home. Most of these gadgets are not pricey, especially when you consider how much easier they will make your life at home.


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