Lucrative Small Businesses: Food Trucks

| August 13, 2013

The history of food trucks (also known as catering trucks, mobile canteens, snack trucks, roach coaches, etc.) goes way back to the earlier years of our great country, still on its rise via the industrial revolution. Back then, their reputation was more of the lowest cost, albeit lowest quality food available just about anywhere, and at the oddest of hours.

Though there are still low-cost examples of the food truck business, the twenty-first century has seen a resurgence and even a renaissance of the mobile food business. No longer do they stand for poor quality; in fact, some of the most interesting and innovative food products make their appearance in these food truck restaurants, breaking tradition and fusing the best of international cuisine into delectable dishes that are pleasant to the palate without being too much of a financial hit to customers.

Low Capital

Food trucks are low-startup capital ventures. Compared to the hoops and financial muscle one has to flex in order to set up a brick and mortar restaurant, food truck businesses take considerably less money and staffing to pull off. Food services are a relatively high margin business, so gaining back your capital and raking in actual profits can be accomplished in a much shorter time period, assuming you are doing a lot of good business.

Food trucks are inexpensive enough that you may not even need to make a hefty bank loan to get it started, and even an old and second-hand van or truck, retrofitted with the appropriate truck and van accessories for food preparation purposes, can be a sufficient platform for your budding small enterprise.

Taste Over Tradition

In this business, it is the creativity and ingenuity of the products that spell the success of the business. There is no need to adhere to the old ways of the restaurant businesses, and certainly less of a need to impose some kind of ambiance; everyone’s eating on the street, after all.

Fusion recipes and creative twists of regular food fare are proliferate in these mobile food businesses. The tastier, more creative, and practically priced dishes win the day. It is important to keep innovating in this food game, as the competing food trucks won’t exactly sit still and let the customers drift away from them. Like any other business, competition keeps every player on the edge and giving the best products or services it can muster.

Utter Mobility

This is one of the greatest advantages of the food business. Simply head on over to where the customers are and do business. Big events, busy cities, major thoroughfares, and tourist spots are great places to find food trucks offering their tasty treats. These mobile restaurants are not so prone to seasonal dips in attendance, as it is very easy to move to more lucrative locations at a moment’s notice.

Food vans have become such a popular source of fantastic food that there are online trackers and mobile apps that pinpoint the exact locations of the most popular franchises. Customers are literally chasing them around, and that’s a predicament that any business would like to have!

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