Immediate Actions to Take when Medicated Wrongly

| July 17, 2013
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Nothing can be more traumatic than suffering from the consequences of the wrong medication, especially when doctors or pharmacists prescribe those. There are patients who have to go through difficult times while gathering some money for his treatment and if they end up by consuming wrong medicines, the circumstances worsen both health wise and mentally.

The frustration and the expenses become unbearable that too because of medical professional’s negligence. It is one of the biggest forms of medical negligence, which results in devastating effects. May whoever is at fault; the doctor, the nurse or the pharmacist, ignorance on the part of their part cannot be pardoned. Claims are designed to provide justice to the patients suffering from medical negligence consequences because of the health care provider’s fault. Before claiming against the medical professionals and staffs, it is essential to know at all your case is claimable.

Examples of Claimable Cases

  • Prescription that is not verified by doctors
  • Unclear writing
  • Receiving wrong medicines from pharmacy
  • Unclear prescription
  • Medicines with similar names
  • Patient being confused about what the prescription is for
  • Doctors being unaware about the side effect of a specific medicine or unaware about other medicines
  • Overdose
  • Consuming inappropriate medicine
  • GP being negligent about patient’s allergies
  • Ignorance shown by the nurse while giving medicines to the patient

Apart from the above mentioned the specialized solicitors in the UK can enable you know about the several other reasons that can cause wrong medication claims. It is suggested to appoint the solicitors who are working with renowned and reliable law firms. You can hence visit websites like, for free advice on the wrong medication.

The Injury Acknowledgement Report

Once you are sure about your case type, the clinical report is the one of the most important evidences; you must get hold of as fast as possible. That is the one to prove the complication to your illness has occurred solely because of the medical professional’s negligence. Other than this, the same would be required to calculate the compensation and determine the deadline of the claim.


If you know someone who has seen the act of medical negligence other than your relative or loved ones, make sure to pursue them for their testimony to support your case. Eyewitnesses’ evidences are considered to be as one of the most valid proofs apart from the medical report.

Gathering Photographs

If you could have managed to take snaps of the incident, see that they are presented at the court on time. Or else hand it over to your solicitor who will make sure to pile them properly in a file, so that they aren’t misplaced.

Appointing a Solicitor

It is always suggested to appoint a solicitor the moment you feel that you have been taking the wrong medicines and that has harmed you. The legal advisors can enable you to know about the steps that should be taken after finding a written document that proves your point. There are many solicitors who offer services on no win no fee basis. A solicitor can help you know your right within the hospital or the clinic. With their immense experience in the same field, they are the ideal person to guide the claimants about the dos and don’ts of claim.

The above-mentioned domains are the systematic representation of the procedure one can follow when he is confirmed that he deserves to file claims against the healthcare provider. Note, the process needs to be conducted fast, so that the amount of the claim is settled within the tenure of three years.


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