How Your Customers Can Help Save Your Business Money

| August 13, 2013

How Your Customers Can Help Save Your Business MoneyMost companies do not think of their customers as an asset. This is a mistake since most clients can offer the business plenty of insight. In fact, when an entrepreneur understands this, he or she can get more out of their customers, help improve the organization and save your business money. Here are three ways in which clients can help a business owner save money.

Seven easy ways to save your business money

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Opinions and feedback

Often, an unhappy or dissatisfied customer will not make their voice be heard. Instead, most people will take their business elsewhere or only tell their friends and family. For this reason, a company should ask for customers’ opinions.

To gather customer feedback, one can use an online approach or offline approach. Ideally, the company should use an online method as customers will likely fill out surveys and respond to questions in this form.

To get the most out of a survey, one should use a qualified company like Without a doubt, when outsourcing surveys, one can get the most out of it and save plenty of time and money.

Encourage reviews

To take it further, one should encourage customers to write rave reviews on Yelp and social media. When making quick posts, the company will get plenty of free advertising. While the advertising will not cost the company money, it will be beneficial. In fact, with great reviews, a company will see a spike in both Internet and brick and mortar traffic.

One must remember that many young and older people alike will check out review sites before spending any money. Luckily, as a company grows and the reviews pile up, they should have no trouble encouraging others to submit positive feedback on Yelp and Facebook.


With a solid referral, a business can gain a lifetime customer without spending much time or money. To encourage referrals, a company should offer current customers an incentive. For example, a business can give a client a slight discount or a coupon in exchange for a qualified referral.

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This will pay off quickly as most companies devote plenty of their budgets on gaining new business. When a current one does all the work, the business can concentrate on bringing in new clients and offering a superior product or service to current ones.

Save Your Business Money

An organization must use their clients to their advantage. When doing so in a tactful manner, the company will gain plenty of new customers and the business will not waste too much money in the process but save your business money.

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