How To Save Money On Making New lawns And Fences

| January 5, 2014

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Every Time someone comes to visit you at your residence, the first thing they notice is your lawn. If its an old relative coming to see you after you bought your own house or you invited your boss over, you can really make an impression with a beautifully done lawn area. But having a classy outdoor set up, much like what you see on different pinterest boards can call for steep investments. Things aren’t that cheap after all and you do not want to go in for used things in your garden. Solution? Try and cut corners on little things while making a new lawn and the fences around it. Here is a list of 10 tips to help you save up while making a new outdoor area.

1. Wooden Fencing can be an intelligent replacement to the expensive neon material. It adds that rustic elegance to the garden and comes as a cheaper resource. To save up a little more, you could visit construction sites or get in touch with construction contractors to see if they have leftover wood logs for sale. They will have it on sale at a lesser price for sure!

2. Picket fencing is another option but is a little more expensive than wood. Although, I feel it gives a better look than a wooden fence. If you have the same train of thoughts, you may want to visit a salvage yard or a demolition site to inquire about second hand material on sale.

3. Lemon Grass: You’ll always have the mosquito problem in your lawns. If its a nice and green one with a lot of plants, they’ll be in huge numbers. Instead of using mosquito repellents everyday or using other expensive devices to keep them off the family while you sit outside, planting lemongrass will keep these mosquitoes away. Its a natural way and the lemon grass looks beautiful too.

5. Epsom Salt works as one of the best fertilizers for growing healthy and lush plants. Instead of going for expensive, professional fertilizers, epsom salt will make for an inexpensive and more effective substitute.

6. Splash Pools: Well maintained lawns look extremely elegant if they have a pool attached to it. But as is the reality, most pools are too expensive. A cheaper alternative is the splash pad. Not exactly cheap for an option, these come in a price bracket of $2000 to $300, but when you compare them with the regular sized pools, they are a steal. And to be honest, I think splash pools are pretty cool and can be really fun for the kids as well as the adults.

7. Bamboo Fencing: In most lawn pictures you drool over on your flipboard or pinterest, you’d notice the bamboo fencing prominently. These look fabulously sleek and are renewable resources too. Double whammy!

8. Pots out of old furniture: This one isn’t exactly new but I find doing this very makes the garden look fuller and natural. I use ld furniture to make plant pots and hang them wherever there is an empty space. If the kids and I are really in the creative mood, we go paint them too. We’ve had some amazing bonding over painting these pots and the lawn gets a personalized look to it.

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