How to Save Energy in your Home with New Window Installation

| February 23, 2013

windowIf you find you are spending too much money on your energy bill and your windows are old, you may want to consider replacing them with a more up to date window design. There are certain window designs that are built to offer you a more appealing look while being energy efficient and offering you more safety. In this article we will discuss how to save energy in your home with new window installation.

Double Pane Glass

Double paned glass windows offer many benefits to the homeowner. While they may be a little expensive to install than just a standard single pane, they are also better at insulating your home in the colder months, help with noise reduction, and are easy to clean.

Due to the interlocking interior pane of glass that is within the outer frames, the extra protection allows heat to remain inside for a longer period of time and keeps the colder air from sneaking in. This saves you money on your energy bill just when you need it most. If you remember to pair the window up with the proper framing material for the climate in which you live, you can be sure that you receive the right grade of efficiency.

If you are in a colder climate, using wood, vinyl and fiberglass frames are ideal and for those who do not have extremely cold temperature, aluminum can be just right.

When choosing your window pane, you should also look at the UV coating or glazing that is applied. Colder regions benefit from a UV coating that lets as much solar energy in as possible so you can take advantage of the sun’s natural heat and reduce your heating bills.

In hotter regions, though, the opposite would apply so that you do not find yourself spending too much on air conditioning. higher UV coatings also protect rugs, floor and photographs from sun damage. If you live in a climate where it is neither extremely hot nor cold, you can get your windows designed with a combination of factors to still ensure you get the most from your energy savings.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows often have a curve to their design. They are made with dual layers and a compressible bulb weather stripping seal which helps to keep out the dust, water and wind. These too are designed to be highly energy efficient and could help you save over $150 a year on your energy bill.

While it may look like it is more costly to install, if you look at cost savings over a few years, these windows could easily pay for themselves within four years and keep providing you energy savings for the life of the window. They also do not need to be maintained or replaced as often as standard windows.

There are many factors that go into finding the right energy efficient windows that will look appealing on your home. You should do your research, talk to a professional, and remember to work out your savings for the long haul and not just look at the initial installation costs. Your windows will be around to protect your home for many years to come and you want to ensure that you make the correct choice before going forward.

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