How to Plan your Child’s Birthday Party on a Budget

| June 26, 2014

ID-100193621It’s your child’s birthday and you want to throw a party, but how do you ensure they have a fantastic day without going overboard on the costs? The party tab can quickly rise with the price of venues, entertainers, cakes and party food, but actually, most children are pleased with the simple things! Below are some great ways to help you stick to the birthday budget and plan a fun birthday party:

Have it at home and plan yourself

According to My Fox Boston, Princess Sharon, a children’s party planner who specializes in lavish parties, charges anything from $1000 all the way up to $100,000 for a child’s birthday party. Avoid the expense of a party planner and a venue altogether by planning it yourself and holding the party at home or in the garden. Ask friends and family to help and get everyone to chip in with equipment such as extra chairs and tables.

Keep the food simple

The largest expense can often be the food and drink, but don’t panic. Keep it simple either with cold food such as sandwiches and crisps, or hot food such as pizzas and hot dogs. Serve the traditional ice cream and jelly as dessert and you’re bound to please both kids and adults alike. Buy the food in bulk to save costs. Alternatively, tell everyone that the only food will be cake, ice cream and treats to avoid guests turning up with empty stomachs. Click here to find out more about inspirational party ideas, whatever the occasion – whether it be a special birthday, summer BBQ, Halloween fancy dress party or large family gathering at Christmas.

Limit the guest list

Limiting the guest list to close friends and family is a good way to save money and a shorter guest list also guarantees that there will be plenty of food to go around.

Make your own cake

Instead of buying a birthday cake, make your own! This way, you’ll save money and you can take the time to make it more personalized. Bake it based around your child’s favorite character or color and pipe a personal message onto the front. Serving the cake as a dessert at the party is also a great way to save on costs.

Entertain the kids yourself

When it comes to entertainment, magicians and clowns can be expensive so save money and do the entertainment yourself. Arrange some party games such as Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pass the Parcel and What’s the Time Mr Wolf, appropriate to the age of your children of course. Alternatively, arrange a treasure hunt and hide prizes around the house or garden such as chocolate money or a small toy, and if you have an artistic friend, get them to do the face painting. If you want to add a theme to your child’s party, the Huffington Post has some great budget ideas.

Don’t spend too much on party favors

Plan your favors well ahead of the party so you have enough time to be creative or shop around for the best deals. Why not bake some cookies, put them in little boxes and tie with a ribbon? Or create a Lucky Dip where you can place little toys or sweets in a box full of shredded paper and ask each child to pick one out!


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