How to Get the Best Exchange Rate on Your Travel Money

| November 19, 2013

Exchange Money Conversion to Foreign Currency

Have you planned your holiday for the year? If not then remember that you need to follow a huge checklist of things that you need to do. But, if you have planned to travel abroad did you decide on from where you are planning to buy your foreign currency and how much it will cost you.

It’s fair enough to say that the domain of finance and currency exchange is very much cutthroat, right? However, in most of the cases you will find the rabid need to make money as much as possible can turn out to be beneficial for you. So, keeping that thought in mind here are four places where you can visit to get hold of local currency for your vacation.

ATMs and Credit Cards

For several travelers the easiest way to get hold of foreign currency easily is through ATMs and Credit Cards. Researchers often said that you will get a better exchange on credit card than you can get from any bank. But, keeping aside the convenience factor you also need to consider few other things.

The credit card charges can turn out to be extortionate if you plan to use them abroad. What’s more – you won’t find any grace period when you use a card to purchase things abroad – the charge kick is instantaneously. Apart from that, you will also find yourself being charged for a fee in case you opt for cash advances.

Top Tip: You can always use your credit card to buy currency before you plan to head off on a vacation. Also plan to opt for a card that won’t track deals on foreign purchases.

Prepaid Cards and Traveller’s Cheque

A traveller’s cheque is considered when you are giving a fixed amount of money. The cheques are specific to a country you are planning to buy them from therefore, if you are planning for a vacation to any European country you would plan to opt for euro. When you purchase currency in traveller’s cheque, it will come as a guaranteed protection against any type of loss or theft. If you find yourself in any of such situations you will often find that the issuing company will try hard to replace the fund that you have taken from them. In most of the cases, you will find that the replacement service is quite fast. But, always remember that this type of payment method might not be accepted everywhere.

Top Tip: When you plan to buy your cheques ask for a list of locations, if the need arises, you can always have them replaced. You should always keep a record of the cheque numbers to prevent any kind of delays in providing replacements.

Foreign Exchange Counter at the Airport

You will find most of the airport counters having one foreign exchange desk at the airport. Therefore, it turns out to be a boon for finding out some money at the airport. The procedure is pretty simple and you just have to go to any desk and whip out your currency and exchange it for the currency of the country you want to visit. But, remember a fee will be added or a commission will be charged when you plan to opt for foreign exchange from the airport.

Top Tip: You need to avoid all the costs, if it is possible. Barring any kind of emergency this should be your last call.

Visit Foreign Exchange Expert

You can also visit any foreign exchange expert and opt for travel money at great rates. Remember, flexible delivery and collection options are present to meet the requirement of every traveller. You need to opt for a foreign exchange expert that provides you the right value, proper security and reliability. They even can develop the best possible products and services for the customers.

Top Tip: Check out the latest company accounts.

So, this is how you can get the best exchange rate on your travel money.


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