How to Cut Energy Bills and Improve Your Home’s Value

| November 7, 2013

energytempWhenever anyone is looking to save money they could do worse than look close to home – literally. We often take for granted set expenditures such as energy bills and look to save money elsewhere. But reducing expenditure on energy bills not only makes your home more efficient but your finances too. Thermal roof coating is one measure that often gets overlooked until someone is hit by the nightmare scenario of needing a large capital outlay for roof repairs. It entails the application of a waterproof breathable coating to roof tiles, which helps to keep heat inside the home and serves to repair old or damaged roofs. This helps save money in myriad ways.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is something of a buzzword these days with the UK government committed to cut carbon emissions from domestic households through measures such as The Green Deal . Thermal Roof Coating not only helps the environment by keeping heat from escaping through the roof, but also when combined with loft insulation makes significant savings on energy bills. As we know from school-day science lessons, hot air rises. But the nano-technology used in thermal coatings prevents it escaping through the roof.  This means less heating is then required to sustain ambient temperature.

Thermal imaging illustrates the pronounced difference made to heat retention within a home by thermal roof coating, with blue indicating cold in an uncoated roof , and red indicating heat in a thermally coated one.

As well as saving on heating bills, less energy is required to heat a home meaning another small step towards reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.  Another added bonus by roof repair being part of the procedure, you can sleep easier knowing that your efforts to save money aren’t going to be devastated by the development of roof leaks which may require massive capital outlay.

Property Investment

A roof is the largest and most visible aspect of many properties. Unfortunately, it’s prey to ageing and the attack of roof moss and lichens. Witness the many blackened roofs you can see on many streets where you live. Should you come to sell your home, an unsightly or damaged roof may well decrease its value and buyer interest. Roof coating can therefore potentially make you money long term by adding to the value and your appearance of your property.  Moss and lichens are routinely removed during any roof cleaning process, with an anti-fungal wash destroying any troublesome micro-organisms. This also means no more future maintenance for a while or fixing potential roof hazards.

Green and Frugal

Clearly, the improved thermal efficiency of your roof provides a plethora of financial and environment benefits. The cost of energy bills is reduced along with diminishing household carbon emissions, the massive capital outlay on a new roof will be postponed and costs to builder to repairing broken tiles and leaks likewise. Added to all this, there’s the bonus of a roof makeover making it look brand new which will reap dividends should you every intend to sell your home. And let’s not forget the non monetary benefit of being warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer due to a more energy efficient home.

Matt Davies is a freelance journalist and copywriter for a number of companies

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