How to Cut Costs in the Office

| November 8, 2013

pigcoinsEveryone is looking at ways of saving money in the home but not all of us are applying the same measures in the workplace. Expenses can have a serious effect on your bottom line so why not try and implement some money saving techniques in your business too? There’s no need to make the office boring or stark, by making just a few changes you’ll be the proud owner of a productive contemporary office space that works hard to save you money.

Scrap the Hard Copies

There’s no need to print off hard copies of everything, stop using your printer so freely. It’s still useful to have one for essential print outs but most of the data that comes into the office these days can be easily stored online instead. Go digital and get everything backed up online. It’s an easier way to save on storage space, you save on ink, electricity and paper and you can conveniently get hold of the data whenever you need it, especially if you use cloud computing.

You will need to keep hard copies of your insurance documents, safety reports, employee records and contracts but it’s possible to reduce a lot of printing if you become more conscious of your hard copy production.

An Office Stationery Cupboard

Create one cupboard or set of drawers that is dedicated to office supplies. Avoid having them spread over a lot of different places so you can keep on top of your inventory levels. By adopting this technique you’ll be able to easily see when you need to order new items and avoid making those emergency purchases which will cost you more.

Control the Use of Power

You pay for the energy you use so start using it wisely. Power down all your equipment when it’s not in use and stop leaving plugs in the sockets too. If plugs warm up even when they aren’t charging anything or attached to a device that’s turned on you are paying out money just to warm up the plug! Unplug everything from the copier to the coffee machine when you’re not using it. All these little actions add up to some serious money saving over the year.

Remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room too and wear extra layers at your desk to fight off the cold. When you sit still for long periods you feel the cold more so stand up while talking on the phone and move around the office more. At lunch time get out of the office and have a walk in the fresh air, it’s so much better for you and it will help you to circulate the blood around the body –saving your heating bills!

Shop Around for the Best Deals and Suppliers

Don’t pay more than you need to when it comes to supplies. There are plenty of great deals out there just waiting for you to take advantage of. The office supplies supermarket is one place where you can find essential equipment for low prices. By carefully choosing your suppliers you’ll make great savings without having to go without the items you need to work efficiently.


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