How Does Your Commute Impact Your Car Insurance Premiums?

| July 4, 2013

Experiencing the world from outside of the city limits can be breathtaking and even majestic at times, but not when you have to get in the car and drive for up to two hours to get to work. What people may not consider is how much their commute can impact their car insurance premiums.

When is the commute worth it? When do you know that the cost of commuting is equal to the benefits of living in the outer provinces and having room to roll around on the grass or skate on a pond?

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When you have to get into the car to travel from places further out of the city limits, in to where the higher paying jobs are, it is worth considering the value you get from living in a home with a yard and one where your kids go to schools that have playgrounds and ball fields. So many things make life in the country more appealing, until you have to get into the car for the long trip to and from work each day.


  • Mississauga at 54 km roundtrip to Toronto is 13,500 km per year, and it would be like traveling the Great Wall of China 2 times in one year.
  • Pickering which is a 90km roundtrip or 22,500 km per year, and that would be like traveling around Australia 1.5 times on hwy 1.
  • Newmarket is 118 km roundtrip or 29,500 km per year, to and from Toronto and that would be like circling 3 times on the Trans- Canadian hwy.
  • Hamilton is 140 km roundtrip or 35,000 km per year, which means you could have traveled 5 times the length of the Andes.
  • Barrie is 188 km roundtrip or 47,000 km per year, which in one year you could have traveled 1.1 times around the equator of the Earth.


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Luckily, very few Canadians have to travel that far to get to work. Most travel 5 km or less per day to go to jobs right in the community where they live, and the rest travel between 6 to 20 km to work, and a small percentage will travel 30 – 50 km or more, to get to work each day from the new found paradise at the outskirts of town. More information about car insurance in Canada is available at

How does your commute affect your insurance rate?

Because you are driving less, you will pay less and that is good thing when you add in the saving on gas and auto repairs.

When you are driving more per day to commute to a job, it would seem that the price goes up and that is not so good.

On average if you spend a good bit of your day in the car listening to rock music or jamming out to your favorite tunes it could mean a hefty chunk of change is going towards paying for auto insurance.

Even if you are listening to Classical music, if you hear it for more than an hour each way in the car, you are paying more for your auto insurance.

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