Hottest Tips For Long Term Self Storage Solutions

| July 9, 2013
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Are you confused over hiring a self storage unit? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many people have doubts whether their specific items would be safe or not. Expensive valuables, fragile items and commodities requires extra attention. There is no denying that people look for security and safety if they are going for a long term hiring of self storage units. They want to ensure  that their assets will be free from any damage. If you are looking for some real advice, Read On…

1. Will items survive in a storage unit?

Few items that may require extra attention are those which are prone to rust. Standing water can ruin some metallic items like washing machine and dishwasher so rinse them properly to avoid damage. Others like jewellery, office equipments, vehicles, furniture and electronic devices would probably survive in long term. Make sure that you check these items regularly to avoid any possible damage as there are different methods of storage for different items.

2. Storing Electronic Devices

First and foremost, the thing you need to care about when storing your electronic devices is to save them from moisture, not heat. Try to waterproof them before storing and even take out the battery, make sure to keep them at room temperature for some time before use to avoid any possible damage. Electronic devices are expensive and must be stored with utmost care. Sealing certain items like your TV and PC would be good idea.

3. Storing Furniture

Storing furniture either for short term or long term could be a time-consuming task but what is important is to ensure it is safe. I would strongly recommend storing furniture on wooden pallets to protect it from unwanted dirt and water that may crept in. Completely cover the surface of furniture along-with cushions & pillows with plastic sheets to save it from dust and dirt. Avoid placing heavy items on furniture to save it from any damage. Furniture may swell if the surrounding is humid, so do cover it properly with a plastic sheet.

4.How you can stop storage units from making items smell

Sometimes it is really difficult to bear the bad odor of certain items stored for a long time. To avoid such circumstances, just place some pleasant fragrances in your storage compartment. You can also use hanging car fresheners wherever you want. This would allow you to choose your own scents for your belongings. Following above tips would certainly help you save your valuables from bad odors.

5. Understand Policies

The most important aspect of self storage units is that they are all different though similar. This is because all of them offers the same service but have different policies and regulations. Some of them do cover insurance within their storage unit price, so that will be just an additional benefit for you.

Don’t go and tell everything about your specific items in case of break-ins, flooding or any other problem. Enquire about any specific offers they have, to save money.

I have listed the most assertive tips on long term storage solutions, however, if you think something might be missing, feel free to ask me. Any queries about insurance or problems you are facing with long term storage units are welcome. I promise to help you with your questions.


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