Happiness and Money – Does More Money Make You Happier?

| July 12, 2013

Does money bring happiness? This has been a question that has been talked about so many times over the years. Can you actually be happy with enough money? Of course the answer is Yes! So the question is, “How much money do you need to reach a comfortable and sustainable level of happiness in your life”?

According research done and displayed so well in this infographic, an amount has been determined. most people, and I include myself, believes you probably need at least a million dollars to be happy. But the data reveals you can be happy with much less.

A survey was done to measure relative happiness on a large cross section of Americans. The study revealed that as your income approached $75,000 your level of happiness leveled out. More money did not increase happiness. It seems that the income level of $75,000 was the sweet spot and that earning any more money did not raise your happiness level any more.

It’s interesting that with a two wage earning home it would be possible to earn this amount and achieve this happiness level. But do you believe that a family of four could live on this amount. I don’t think so. But an income of this level for a single person would be doable. But this also depends on what part of the country  you live in. Naturally, a city dweller would have higher expenses.

Check out this infographic it’s really well done and informative.


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