Transportation Troubles: 4 Cheap Ways to Get Around Town

| September 13, 2017

four cheap ways to get around town

Most people have obligations that require access to some sort of vehicular. If money is an issue, this can be more than a bit of a problem.

You might feel as though you have absolutely no means and therefore absolutely no way to find transportation. However, you can if you use your head. Here are four cheap ways to get around town.

Use public transportation

One of the most reliable and economical ways to get around is through public transportation. If you live in an at least sizable city, there should at least be a bus route.

Bigger cities like New York and Washington, D.C. have renowned subway systems. Public transit does take longer and can require more planning, but it is very affordable.

Use ridesharing apps

If you don’t have a car and need to get someplace in a hurry, ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft are the perfect solution. Simply download them and use them whenever you need to.

Since the price of rides can add up, you should use them with discretion and opt for public transportation when you can.

Get a bike

four cheap ways to get around townWhat’s a way to get around that’s incredibly affordable and great exercise? Riding a bike, of course.

You can find yourself a decent bicycle for a relatively minimal cost and enjoy the experience of riding it wherever you can.

While some trips are too long for cycling, you can definitely use it for shorter excursions and in ideal weather conditions.

Buy a used car

Even if money is extremely tight, you can still find yourself a car to use. While you shouldn’t expect to drive off a lot with a brand-new Corvette, you can certainly find a used car within your price range.

If you find a used car that would be ideal but you don’t have all the necessary funds for, you should still be able to get it, provided your credit is good.

It could be a good idea to work with a dealer like Young Automotive Group or someone similar who specializes in used cars or has a used car section.

The dealer will check your credit score and determine whether or not to approve you for a loan. Just make sure that you can make the payments on your car.

Hopefully this has given you a good idea on how to get around town in an affordable fashion. It’s always a good idea to have an emergency fund in case of car troubles and to also keep a good eye on the state of your vehicle.


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