Five Tips For You To Start Saving More Money at Home

| September 15, 2013

Five Tips For You To Start Saving More Money at Home

Times are tough for many individuals and families. Job loss for one or both partners, jobs that go from full to part time, an increase in the family or illness can devastate a family. However, even if you simply are finding it difficult to pay the bills each month, there are things you can do to save money. Here are five tips.

Make and Keep a Budget

The key step in saving more money at home is to work out a budget. Make a list of all income and expenses. Know what debts and bills need to be paid and when. Figure out how much you need in order to pay expenses each month, from groceries and electricity to debts. A budget helps keep you on track and points out areas where spending needs to be cut so the money coming in covers expenses.

Eliminate Credit Spending

Those cards are easy to carry and all too easy to use. When you use credit, you often do not realize how much you spend. This can devastate a budget and put you in serious debt. A tip for saving money at home is to say “no” to spending on credit and “yes” to living on your income. This also means learning to say “no” to many wants and sticking with the budget.

Limit Eating Out

Eating out is so nice after a hard and busy day. However, eating out quickly adds up. Planning and eating meals at home is not only cheaper, saving money, but can offer time for the family to learn kitchen skills and interact as a family. That coffee purchased on the way to work also needs to go. You’ll be shocked to discover how much money you’ll save by making coffee at home and taking it with you.

Plan Staycations

Vacations are fun, can be restful if well planned and exhausting. Unfortunately, vacation are also costly and can be a hardship on the family budget. However, there are less costly alternatives. Most have little idea what events, museums, activities and more are close to home. Many events are inexpensive or even free. As a family, plan an at-home vacation, discovering you can have fun at home and save.

Keep Up Repairs

Save money by keeping appliances, furniture, cars, the home and garage in good repair. Regular maintenance may cost a little at the time but saves in breakdowns later that require costly replacements.

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