Five Budget-Friendly Tricks to Ensure You Have A Prepared Household

| December 6, 2013

Five Budget-Friendly Tricks to Ensure You Have A Prepared HouseholdEvery household needs to be prepared, not only for emergencies, but for everyday family life. It is better to be prepared on a daily basis so you do not find yourself wanting if a true emergency were to happen. This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to spend a lot of money to create a prepared household.

Use Coupons

Go to the grocery store and get coupons every weekend. If you don’t want to purchase the coupons, work something out with a friend or neighbor who throws out their coupons. You can also ask the local grocer if they will be throwing out the coupons on Monday. Either way, make sure you get some because you can stock up on a number of items when you coupon correctly. Batteries are often on sale, and when paired with a coupon, you have the ability to save a lot of money on this preparedness item.

Make Large Purchases Now

A firebox is the perfect example of a larger purchase which will save you money down the road. Place important documents, such as insurances, birth certificates, social security cards, car or home titles, and anything else that’s difficult to replace in a fire and waterproof box. Consider the time, cost and headache that goes into recovering these documents if they are destroyed. The investment in a firebox is a smart move. Make large purchases now to help you out if you ever need to be prepared for anything.

Work With a Budget

Build yourself a budget and stick to it. If you allow yourself only $100 for groceries a week, stick to that budget. Eat before you go to the store, make a list, plan dinners and only purchase what you know you will need for the week. Whatever helps you stick to your budget is what you should do. Always pay bills first with every paycheck.

Write Down Your Spending

If the idea is to set aside some cash to be prepared in the future, start by writing down everything you spend. Even if it’s just a quick lunchtime sandwich, write it down. You will discover where you are spending your money and where you can cut corners. You’ll be able to save even more money when you learn what expenses you can eliminate in your daily spending.

Create an Adequate Food Supply

Prepare a section of your pantry or basement and then fill it with non-perishable food. This supply is most adequate in the area where you will retreat in times of emergency. If you use coupons when out shopping or buy in bulk from My Food Supply, this area should fill up in no time and you’ll have a prepared household, ready for whatever may come.

Being prepared within a home means having what you need to face any situation. Stocking up on items, using coupons, saving your most important papers and knowing where your money is going are all money saving ways to prepare your home for anything.


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