Financial Blunders of the Past

| December 1, 2013

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Financial blunders of the past can follow you throughout life.  They can ruin your financial security, your peace of mind, and lead to many other problems.  Fortunately, you have options.  You do not need to repeat your mistakes, nor suffer lifelong consequences.

Unwise Spending And Use Of Credit

Many people finance the life of their dreams when they cannot afford it.  In some cases, they do not understand the difference between wanting something and needing it.  In other instances, immaturity or irresponsibility can lead to frivolous spending.

The consequences can range from empty bank accounts to legal action because of unpaid debts.  If you have experienced these problems, you must learn to live within your means.  One important step is to make and adhere to a budget.  You may also wish to consult with a credit counselor.  A counselor can assess your financial situation, and help you learn to live with a budget.

Unpaid Bills Will Result In Problems

There are many reasons people do not pay their bills on time.  Whether you did not have the cash to pay your bills, forgot about them, or did not think it was important, it only takes a few instances to ruin your credit rating.  You may even have creditors demanding payments.

Your first course of action should be to finance your debts.  If you have a job, or any other source of regular income, money must be devoted to paying the bills.  Contacting each creditor individually may prevent legal action.  You may find some creditors are willing to negotiate on late fees or other penalties.

If it is impossible to finance your own income to pay off your debts, speak with a credit counselor or an attorney.  While bankruptcy should never be your first option, it could be the best option for you.

Regardless of the option you take, finance must continue to be your priority.  You do not want the same mistakes to occur in the future.

Borrowing Can Be A Financial Blunder

While many individuals need extra cash at times, borrowing can become a habit with serious consequences.  You may be one of the many who has looked at borrowing as a means of fast, easy cash.  Whether you have used this method to finance necessities, or have borrowed on a whim, it can lead to financial and legal issues.

Payday loans can be quite appealing.  If you need to borrow against your own paycheck for a legitimate reason, and repay the loan on time, this easy means of finance should not create problems.  Unfortunately, borrowing too much cash, not repaying loans, approaching multiple lenders, and making a habit of borrowing are common issues.

You can start by making sure all your loans are repaid.  Take a different, responsible approach to payday loans in the future.  Never use a payday loan to finance services or merchandise you cannot afford to repay, and talk with a credit counselor if borrowing has become a habit.

Your financial situation today can be the result of these common problems.  However, it can improve.  When you begin by considering how these problems occurred, your first step is to resolve your mistakes.  You can only have a fresh start if you pay off your debts, and ask for help if you cannot do it alone.

Your second step is to finance your future security with responsible money-management.  When you do not repeat the mistakes of the past, you will not need to cope with being broke, being in debt, or the endless worry that accompanies financial troubles.  You can have peace of mind, and security.


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