Fast Financial Fixes: Practical Pointers for Personal Loans

| January 12, 2014

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If possible, staying out of debt is almost always preferable. However, there are circumstances when borrowing makes sense. For instance, most people borrow in order to purchase a home. Many people also borrow to finance higher education.

However, there are other circumstances when borrowing is also a legitimate option.  Nonetheless, specialized loans such as mortgages and student loans are not appropriate. In such circumstances, personal loans provide necessary funding.  The key is to determine if borrowing is truly called for. If so, obtaining the best possible terms ensures that your borrowing has the least possible adverse impact on your finances.

Unexpected Medical Emergencies

Even with basic insurance coverage for you and your family, occasionally circumstances will arise when more specialized care is called for. In such cases, delaying needed care can have serious adverse health consequences. Borrowing is the only reasonable alternative if you cannot otherwise raise the funds that you need.

If you borrow to cover a medical emergency, don’t make the mistake of under borrowing. It may seem frivolous to borrow more than the absolute minimum; however, in the unfortunate event that there are complications, you don’t want to be caught short of funds. On the other hand, it makes sense to discuss your reason for borrowing with a financial expert who can provide guidance on an appropriate amount to borrow.

Mechanical and Equipment Breakdowns

If you need your car to get to and from your job, and your transmission breaks down, repairing the transmission is critical. Likewise, if your refrigerators stops keeping your food cold or your stove stops making your food hot, replacements are essential.  If you don’t have money on hand to make these necessary purchases, then you must take loans.

Before you actually borrow, do some comparison shopping to get an idea of how much you actually need to borrow. Especially if you are replacing old appliances, you may find that newer models have features that were not available when you made your original purchases. In making comparisons of car repairs, don’t necessarily go with the cheapest estimate. Determine whether the estimate includes parts and labour and how long the repair is estimated to require. You should also check out the mechanic to ensure that he or she is properly licensed, along with researching complaints made by former customers.

Unanticipated Opportunities

As an amateur painter and photographer, you have developed a good reputation in your local region. One day, you receive a letter inviting you to display your work and give presentations on your techniques to an audience of fellow artists. The complicating factor is that the invitation requires you to travel far out of town.

In such cases, your travel and accommodation expenses might be covered by the conference or event which issued the invitation. However, if you must take time away from your job, your lost wages might have a significant adverse effect on your family. And if your travel expenses are not completely covered, you will need to make up the shortfall. In either event, if would be a shame to miss out on such an opportunity. Taking a personal loan can provide the funds that you need.

Finding the Best Personal Loan

Whatever your reason for seeking a personal loan, try your personal bank first. Especially if you are a long-standing customer, you may be able to negotiate favourable interest rates and repayment terms. If your bank is not an option, try credit unions or community banks. You might also be able to obtain better terms on a loan that is secured by your house or your car. However, under no circumstances should you consider payday loans. Even if you are borrowing for the best of reasons, a payday loan represents a trap from which it can be difficult to escape.

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