Factors to Consider When Buying Disposable Gloves for Health and Safety

| January 16, 2014

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People who work in industries that require them to wear disposable gloves for their own health and safety have certain concerns about the implications of wearing them.

Despite being warned about the dangers of not wearing disposable gloves, many people still choose not to wear them. The main fear is the allergic reaction that some have to latex gloves. The problem is that people don’t know what to wear to replace latex gloves and still ensure occupational safety. The good news is that there are actually many different types of glove available. If one type/material doesn’t suit you, there are plenty more you can try. The following site: http://www.broschdirect.com has a great selection, which exemplifies this.

Beside allergy problems, there are other important factors to consider. For example, different jobs require different types of gloves and the gloves you currently have may not be suitable. Gloves required for protection from dyes and inks will be different to gloves required for toxic waste removal. Few industries require workers to wear thin gloves if there is a risk of a puncture or jab to their hands. However, if this is the case then care should be taken to choose the best possible kind of disposable glove. Taking nursing for example, the importance of gloves in this profession goes without saying which is why The Nursing Times offer advice on just that.

Another important factor to consider while choosing the right gloves for you is to see if they fit. This is essential from safety point of view as well as for comfort. If you buy gloves that do not fit you properly, you risk slippage, tearing and discomfort while working.

All Gloves Are Not the Same

If you do not have a deep knowledge of how different types of gloves are manufactured with different materials, you would assume that they all the same. However, this is not true. Different materials such as nitrile, vinyl and natural latex are used for manufacturing these gloves. People often prefer nitrile over latex but it all depends on their purpose.

Inexpensive Does Not Mean Savings

If someone believes all gloves to be same, they are likely to with the cheapest option. The problem with this is you don’t know what kind of gloves you may end up with or whether or not they are suitable for the task at hand.

We have already told you about the various materials used to make the protective gloves, however another factor to be considered is the methods used in the processing of the gloves. A well-crafted glove made under strict regulatory conditions will last longer, provide better protection and add comfort to your working day. Often if, during the manufacturing process, gloves have not been cured for the right amount of time, they turn out to be not durable enough and they will most likely put the user at risk.

For individuals who are required to wear protective gloves for their protection, safety and comfort at work, it is very important to remember that when purchasing gloves they have certain decisions to make. Don’t simply go for the cheapest option, instead you should invest your money in good quality gloves that suitable for your line of work.


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