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| January 27, 2014

A White gold wedding ring and a single diamond...

Diamonds are one of the popular stones used in jewelry. If you are looking to invest in diamond jewelry or buy someone a gift or just love quality diamond jewelry then you can go to Diamond Banc which has a wide selection. Engagement rings are some of the more popular kind of diamond jewelry that people buy. If you are looking to find the perfect engagement ring, diamond rings are perfect as they last a long time. Diamond rings do not have to be engagement rings only; they can also be wedding rings or anniversary gifts. There are different types of diamonds. Green diamonds are those that not derived from war torn areas. They are also known as blood diamonds.

Green diamonds also refers to diamonds that have been mined an environmentally safe way and the mining company gives back to the surrounding areas socially and economically. The mining company is responsible for any clean ups in the environment that may need to be done. Pink diamonds are the most precious of all gemstones. They are rare and expensive because they are rare. They come in different cuts such as princess, pear, radiant, heart, emerald, oval marquise, cushion and asscher. Pink diamonds are of the highest quality. White diamonds are another type of diamonds and these are the most common type of diamonds that is used on jewelry.

There are different settings for diamond rings. The setting describes the metal and prongs that hold the diamond in place. The classic engagement ring styles are solitaire where the diamond is held by four or six prongs and set on the metal. The choice of the metal is important to bring out the beauty of the diamond. Popular choices are platinum, gold, white gold and palladium. For other rings such as wedding rings and other types of rings, there are different styles of settings. Bezel setting is where the diamond edges are completely covered so that the diamond is held securely.

The advantage of this is that the diamond is unlikely to get loose and at risk of getting lost. The disadvantage is that the diamond tends to look smaller than it is because of the metal prongs. The pave setting uses small diamonds set on a metal band. The stones appear larger since tiny prongs are used to hold them. Channel setting where the diamond is in a groove like setting as it is held by two walls of metal. When purchasing a diamond ring, apart from the decision of what kind of diamond you would like, choose a setting and a metal that you love so that you like the overall look of the ring.

Diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings are other jewelry made from diamonds are great for investments and adornment. There are sets that have similar designs and similar types of diamonds. There are different designs such as contemporary designs, abstract designs and classic and traditional designs. All these designs incorporate the diamonds to produce beautiful jewelry.

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