Establishing a Good Relationship Between You and Your Customer is a Priority in Business

| March 9, 2014

In your business today you need to know the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction. Competition is forcing many businesses to change the ways they do things.  Business is trying new ways to interact with their customers. Have you noticed how many companies are using Twitter and Facebook.  Today, many companies have staff that monitor social networking sites looking for mentions or complaints about their companies. Social networking is just another tool they use to maintain good public relations with customers.

Good customer relations is a daily and never  ending task that your business needs to perform. Over the last few years, with advent of the cell phone, many tools are available to help you communicate with customers. Software today, on your cell phone, allows companies to know when you are in or near your store. Location services on today’s cell phones help business stay in touch with existing and new customers. Around the clock data is being collected, through cell phones data and location detection equipment, giving business so many more ways to find how they can serve their customers better.

This infographic depicts how data is collected and used by businesses to better serve the customer.

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