Do You Have a Valid Whiplash Claim?

| August 4, 2013

crime lawIf you have been involved in a traffic accident there is a fair chance that you could have suffered from a whiplash injury. When a car or other vehicle stops abruptly it is not uncommon for the head to snap backwards and forwards during the collision. Unfortunately, this snapping movement can lead to long-term injury to the neck, shoulders or spine.

A whiplash injury is extremely painful and a can have a serious impact on your quality of life. In some cases, the injury will heal within a few weeks or months. However, a significant number of people are left with permanent or semi-permanent health problems after suffering from whiplash.

In the worst cases, people can be left unable to move their upper body freely and therefore be unable to continue with their profession. Even for people with mild cases it is not uncommon for them to need to take several weeks off work in order to recover. Anyone who has suffered from this type of injury can potentially make a whiplash claim.

How Claiming for a Whiplash Injury Can Help You

If you have suffered a whiplash injury, physiotherapy can considerably speed up the healing process. With the right treatment, it is often possible for people to get back full movement and resume their normal life. However, there is often a long waiting list for this kind of treatment on the NHS. Therefore, many people are left with their life on hold while they wait. If you make a claim, you can use the money that you get from the claim to pay for private treatment, which will considerably speed up the healing process and get you back to work sooner.

It is also possible to claim for lost wages. You can use the money claimed to pay your day-to-day expenses. These funds can also be used to cover the cost of additional expenses such as having to travel regularly to and from your doctors or the hospital.

In some cases, people find it difficult to drive with whiplash injuries. For this reason, it is sometimes possible to claim for travel expenses of train and bus journeys.

 How to Make a Whiplash Claim

If you have suffered a neck shoulder or spinal injury during an accident, it is important to seek medical help quickly. It is wise to keep a diary of who you saw about your injury, when your appointments were and what they said about your problem. You should also keep a note of the impact that you injury has had on your life along with any additional expenses you have incurred.

By far the most important step is to find a lawyer that has experience of making whiplash claims, and do so at an early stage. An experienced personal injury solicitor will be able to advise you of how to proceed and start the claims process quickly. The sooner you start the process the quicker you will get the money and be able to afford the additional treatment you need to get your life back on track.


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