Customer Service in a Mobile World

| August 16, 2013

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With the Internet making it possible to search for information in an instant, the need for real-time customer service and response is quickly growing, and businesses need to keep up the pace. Using their mobile devices, customers are staying connected now more than ever to ask businesses questions, and they expect immediate answers. To maintain customer satisfaction, it’s important for businesses to respond quickly for efficient field service management. Here is a list of tips companies can use to drive their customer service and support:

Create multiple channels for customer support
Some customers like making a call to make an appointment, others want the ability to schedule by email. The main point is, customers like having options. That is why it’s helpful to create as many channels for customer support as possible so they’ll get responses to their questions faster. Build a “Contact Us” webpage and set up an online form on your website where visitors can submit their questions and contact information to receive your reply. As another channel, companies use live chat software in order for customers to talk with representatives in real time.

Answer customer questions over social media
Social networking makes it easy for companies and their customers to closely interact with each other. More customers are taking to business social media pages as an outlet for their questions and complaints. They are more likely to stick with companies that treat them courteously by responding to their feedback and comments. Improve engagement with customers by responding to them in a timely manner to let them know that they are valued. Once they are satisfied with a company’s response, they may spread the word of that business to their social networks. Look into using a social media monitoring tool to make sure you stay on top of customer interactions.

Streamline orders using field service software
Business owners need real-time information about orders, invoices, field workers and customers. By using the convenience of field service software, companies can better manage their workers, inventory and work orders by monitoring where everything is at all times in one system. When made available as a mobile app, this software can connect employees out on the road with in-office staff or customers more effectively. To streamline orders, workers can check the app and receive job alerts the moment they are assigned, increasing the speed they arrive to appointments.

Notify and update customers via mobile
As customers become increasingly tethered to their phones, companies can choose to open a line of communication through their mobile devices. Confirm appointments, send reminders or update them about the status of their work order via text messages. Contacting customers immediately to keep them in the loop is an added personal touch that will be appreciated. In addition to making customer contact more mobile, workers can use their phones or tablets to search for customer location or check on their service history and equipment to make recommendations.

By using online and mobile technology for customer support, companies can improve their field service management to answer questions quickly and arrive at work sites even quicker.


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