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| January 22, 2014

Having a criminal record can be extremely detrimental to a professional worker’s reputation. White collar crime is more common than people may realize. There is a lot of fraud and dishonesty that goes on daily in the corporate world. Such actions often lead to arrests and raids on entire company offices. Dishonest accounting practices and tempered bookkeeping often lead to FBI raids and arrests.

An experienced attorney is essential to help people that are accused of white collar crime. Racketeering and money laundering are very common charges pressed against business people worldwide. The best defense for such crimes can be provided by lawyers specializing in corporate and business issues. In other words, a typical criminal defense attorney may not be best suitable to provide a solid case for white collar crime offenses and other related criminal charges. District attorneys can be vicious in pursuing individuals involved in upper level crime schemes such as bribery. Politicians and business people can often go down very quickly and receive harsh jail sentences. Insider trading is another common type of white collar crime that’s rampant in the financial world, especially among stock brokers and other security traders.

A lawyer with a Master of Law (LLM) degree has a much more impressive reputation than a lawyer with a traditional Juris Doctor degree from a law school. In fact, LLM degrees often allow lawyers to focus on specific specialties such as international business, taxation and finances. Nevertheless, Juris Doctor degrees can also be combined with specialties such as criminal law and business litigation. The bottom line is that a business person excused of white collar crime needs to search thoroughly for local lawyers that know how to deal with business related crimes. A New York criminal lawyer selection is an example of an option that usually includes white collar crime specialists. For example, New York criminal lawyer, Joe Tacopina is part of a legal team in New York that specializes in handling felonies related to white collar offenses.

A reputable and experienced lawyer usually charges clients up front fees to get the defense process going. In fact, lawyers may sign contracts with white collar crime offenders before a trial begins. A victory in court may actually earn defense lawyers very large bonuses from wealthy business people and corporate executives. The main goal of a criminal defense lawyer is to convince the judge and jury that a person accused of financial crimes usually doesn’t act alone. An entire company department may be held accountable for making false statements about earnings, revenues and other financial data. A lawyer often tries to prove that a lower level worker such an accountant most likely received orders to make dishonest entries about finances from an upper level manager or executive.

Lawyers that deal with white collar crime often try to make plea deals with the judge, district attorney and other parties involved in a case. Sometimes, it is best for a defendant accused of white collar crimes to take a guilty plea and serve a reduced sentence and receive other punishments. Otherwise, a length trial may go on for years and cost white collar defendants hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, a guilty verdict by a jury is much more harsh than a guilty plea bargain that’s done before a trial is allowed to continue.

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