Chateaux Images Convey Pride – Do They Have Marketing Value?

| April 17, 2017

It looks like conventional wine labels from some of France’s top regions – Bordeaux included – are slowly altering. Most of them feature a suggestive image, whether it’s a photograph or drawing.

Wine manufacturers have recently realized that these are not in the least appealing. In Bordeaux, at a well-known wine store – a random inspection on 100 bottles of wine emphasized that 65% of all labels included some sort of image with a chateau on it. Only 18% had a crest or symbol, and 12% focused on custom designs.

It seems that chateaux images are the most appealing because they convey pride. However, do wine labels with chateau imagery also convey marketing value?

How powerful are chateaux images on wine bottles?

A study performed in Berkley, at the University of California back n 2007, highlighted that wine labels with images on them are more impactful than labels. Somehow, they convey brand personality, a lot more than writing or colored layouts.

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Images with vineyards and grape motifs seemed just as striking. The labels that had the lowest impact featured images with “unusual animals”.

In 2016, another study was done to showcase the exact same thing. The results proved once again that traditional labels are a lot better at compelling a customer to buy; labels with fun or modern drawings just don’t grab attention.

It seems that people want to buy fine bottles of wine that look traditional and old, but at the same time qualitative. Simplicity in design is key. Pale shades of grey and yellow for the label are highly appreciated, even some younger wine drinkers would rather go for bottles that look more contemporary and elegant.

A change of trends

The trends are changing mostly because younger wine drinkers prefer bottles with different, unusual, and extravagant designs. In Connecticut, Atomic Kid Studios focuses on manufacturing unconventional Bordeaux wine labels.

As far as design is concerned, officials agree that there has to be a balance when crafting labels; especially right now when everyone is crazy about technology and the minimalistic tendency.

A wine label has to entice with a comfortable and nostalgic look; but at the same time, it must be innovative and fresh. The thing is, wine makers must settle on some very clear priorities.

When you ditch a concept for another, and you choose a completely different approach, you have to prepare yourself as some of your current customers may stop buying from you.

Bordeaux winemakers – will the new generation take the lead?

The youngest Bordeaux winemakers have become more focused on exiting the overwhelming history of Bordeaux. New label designs are no longer traditional, but rather avant-garde and completely different from what we’ve gotten ourselves used to.

The goal is to use crystal-clear labels that can make the products look different. At the same time, the aim is to help convey a message and tell a meaningful story to the potential buyer.

Sadly, too many wine producers believe that they can compete with the younger generation. They can’t. If your wine label is not ingenious enough to stir a curiosity, you don’t stand a chance.

When potential buyers look at the wine bottles, they want to be convinced to buy in a split of a second. For winemakers to be able to do that, they have to think beyond the normal and do things differently to reach out and settle on a loyal customer base.

Different requirements

There are winemakers that have very specific demands as far wine labels are concerned. The industry is dominate by men, meaning that muted label colors work the best. And yet, others have requests that are completely different.

And we’re talking here about fresh imagery on the label without losing the essence of a tradition and heritage belonging to the wine.

Bottom line is, wine labels with chateaux images do convey great pride. However, for a label to stand out and have the capacity to compete with younger winemakers, it must blend traditional elements with the unconventional ones.

This is the only way to make your Chateau Petrus bottles become appealing to potential buyers. Design matters just as much as the product, meaning that you shouldn’t ignore labeling when releasing new wine bottles on the market.

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