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| November 10, 2013
Catering 2013

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Have you ever been at a catered event and thought to yourself: “Man, this event is pretty neat and all, but this catering stuff is awesome!” In all honesty, chances are that you haven’t. But if you are one of the chosen ones who has an interest in catering and you think you may want to follow your dreams and build a career in the catering industry, then you’re in luck! Following are a list of some of the most essential roles in any catering company, and by learning what these positions do and how companies typically operate, you’ll be one step closer to following your silver-plated dreams.

Catering sales manager or director

These are the most critical parts of the business end of catering. In charge of all client relations, proposals, contracts, and other managerial duties, catering sales managers and directors play an essential role in the overall business operations of a catering company. If you have a particular interest in the business side of things and are keen to handling a lot of tasks at once, this role may be one to consider pursuing.

Marketing manager or director

Other fundamental parts of the business end of catering are marketing managers/directors, who serve to carry out all marketing and public relations initiatives, coordinate client efforts, and develop and adhere to a departmental budget. As with the previous job description, this one is also a premiere path for those who are interested in the more business side of things.

Event manager

As an event manager, you’ll serve another key role by ensuring all catering requirements are met by staff, and by carrying out essential logistics, delivery arrangements and client invoices. What’s more though, you’ll be responsible for ensuring ongoing customer relationship maintenance. If you’re interested in more of the hospitality/people-person part of the catering, then you may want to consider this option.

Catering coordinator or assistant

If you find a job listing for a catering coordinator or assistant, you’ll be expected to support the catering sales manager or director, book revenue or lead operations. In addition, you may be asked to assist with guest services and managing administrative tasks.

Chef or cook

Ah, here’s the one you may have been waiting for. As a chef or cook, (predictably) you’ll prepare food and beverages for every catering event, but you’ll also be in charge of training the kitchen staff and ensuring that the kitchen meets the health and safety standards of local, state and federal health administrations. If you want to be the man/woman behind the food, then this is the job you’re looking for!

Delivery driver manager

As a delivery driver manager, you’ll supervise and oversee all delivery operations, from the quality of your drivers to vehicle maintenance and repairs. You’ll also ensure that the delivery processes are carried out smoothly (loading, unloading, etc.) and that customer service standards are met. Additionally, you’ll get to use a walkie-talkie all the time — definitely a plus!

Delivery driver

All right, this position admittedly may not be the most prestigious, but it sure is fun. In short, as delivery driver, you’ll be responsible for transporting and delivering food and beverage orders to off-site customers. So basically: You get paid to drive stuff around all day!

Banquet server

This one is pretty straightforward — as a banquet server, you’ll just be in charge of tending to customers, assisting with room set-up and preparation, and ensuring that all tables are well groomed and stocked. If you’ve always dreamed of being one of the catering staff, walking around and tending to customers, then this is the job for you!

Hayden Lewis is a writer for Lutz’s BBQ, a professional catering company in Jefferson City and Columbia, Mo.


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