Car Hacks: 5 Little-Known Ways to Save Money on Your Family Car Now

| November 15, 2013

Car Hacks 5 Little-Known Ways to Save Money on Your Family Car Now

Cars are expensive to buy and maintain. The good news is that a person does not have to be a mechanic to cut back on maintenance costs. There are several things that most of us can do to reduce the costs of operating our family’s primary mode of transportation.  Here are five helpful hints that you should consider to save some of your hard earned cash:

Weekly Inspection

Though most family cars are driven daily, few people actually take the time to inspect the car anywhere near that frequently. Car owners can identify problems before they become serious by setting aside a time each week to give a car a quick inspection. A weekly check for your vehicle should include visually checking the outside of the car for any major problems.  However, primarily you should be checking tire tread and air pressure for the tires, and making certain that everything under the hood is looking in good shape.  Check that the oil, coolant, and other fluids are at the proper manufacturer recommended levels.

Online Shopping

Automotive parts and accessories are often quite pricey. However, there are ways to save money on needed items, primarily through online shopping. A consumer can buy online and either have parts and accessories mounted locally or do it themselves to the tune of plenty of extra change left over. Automotive websites such as provide a great tool for thrifty car owners. This vendor provides tires at costs far below prices in most brick and mortar tire retailers. Searching all around the web can provide many great deals.

Car Washing

Keeping a car clean and waxed is not just about looks. Frequently washing a car’s exterior will preserve the car’s finish and prevent the onset of corrosion. A thorough wash should clean the exterior as well as the wheel wells and underside of the vehicle. Periodic washings also provide another opportunity to look for problems with the vehicle.

Follow Maintenance Schedules

Every car manufacturer provides a maintenance schedule for the automobiles that they make. A quick and easy way to avoid breakdowns and other problems is to follow this maintenance schedule carefully. By having transmission fluid, spark plugs and other fluids and parts replaced on time, a vehicle will last longer and owners can avoid costly breakdowns.

Don’t Ignore Problems

Even with care, cars will develop problems over time. Though it may be tempting to put off minor repairs, problems will generally only get worse (and more expensive) over time. For example, a chip in a windshield can develop into a crack if ignored for too long. When problems develop, have them fixed early to prevent the problem from worsening to a serious financial headache.

Though these steps may seem simple, they can help a car owner to save a significant amount of money. Just reducing the cost of owning and operating a car by a few percent can result in the saving of thousands of dollars that can be used for other expenditures.

This article was written by Rianne Hunter, an avid home, finance, and family blogger, with contributions from Rhett Stone.


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