Blackberry Mobiles: A Safe Investment?

| July 10, 2013
WIND branded Blackberry Bold 9700

WIND branded Blackberry Bold 9700 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blackberry mobiles tell an interesting story about the phone market. In many ways the first Blackberry models (which arrived before the term smartphone was even coined) revolutionised the mobile phone market. They made the mobile phone a symbiotic component of business, not only as a means of verbal communication, but also as a device upon which it was both easy and practical to receive and respond to emails, access the internet, use instant messaging, keep a diary and calendar which is synchronised with any home or office calendars.

Since the first smartphone Blackberry was released in 2003, there has been a range of different smartphone competitors all offering a wide range of services and changing the way in which we use mobile devices.

QWERTY keyboard is a winner

One of the surprising things about the Blackberry is that the classic design of a wide handset, including full keyboard and a screen which encompassed half of the handset, has changed very little over the years. Having an entire QWERTY keyboard using physical keys rather than touch screen means that models such as the classic Blackberry bold 9700 are by far the easiest devices on which to respond to emails, text messages and instant messaging.

Of course the Blackberry handset did evolve – getting smaller and more powerful with better features such as high definition cameras and faster speed. However, given the longevity of their external design features, Blackberry phones have always been very competitive within the second hand phone market. This is because true Blackberry fans are always looking for new models, while the older models with their classic design are popular with second hand phone customers. For this reason a Blackberry has been a very good investment for most mobile phone consumers. They are notoriously robust and retain their value when you find yourself looking to sell and upgrade to a new model.

The new generation of Blackberry phones

Despite the classic design of Blackberry, over recent years it has been losing out in the expanding smartphone market, largely due to the success of the large screen and high processing power of the Apple iPhone. Blackberry has made a statement of intent to compete with the touch screen smartphone market with its Z10 series which looks and feels much like other smartphones and uses the BlackBerry 10 operating system. This phone still has a focus on being an ergonomic yet practical phone and retains the appeal of the traditional Blackberry with keyboard.

So is this the end of the classic Blackberry?

It seems not. People looking to sell Blackberry bold 9700 phones can still expect to get a good price on-line and the success and demand for the Blackberry Q10 series demonstrates that people still like to use a fast and practical device for work. It allows them to quickly send and respond to emails without messing around with multiple applications and features which slow down over time.


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  1. Blackberry was a hot commodity when it first came out, but then it fell behind the times. Their new phone is nothing better than the old. Yes, they upgraded the software, but after the first quarter of shipments, you can tell that Blackberry is in serious trouble. Their main group of buyers are leaving them for the iphone and android devices. I don’t see Blackberry turning this around.