Benefits of Using Obstruction Lamps for Safety

| January 9, 2014

lightsThere are many places where obstruction lamps are absolutely critical for everyone’s safety. A private airstrip, municipal airfield, local racetrack, and many other places need to have obstruction lights installed so that the pilots, drivers or pedestrians know where they can and cannot go. Thinking of obstruction lights as a safety measure will help to justify their cost when it comes time to line the entire airfield, trail, or track.

Obstruction Lamps Make Nighttime Safer

There are many places where nighttime is simply unsafe. Flying a plane towards a runway with no lighting is just as dangerous as walking up a trail at night that is not light. The local racetrack that hosts endurance races must also have lighting on the track to ensure that the drivers know where they are going.

Obstruction Lamps Make Identifying Landmarks Easier

Using differing patterns of obstruction lamps in patterns or a variety colors will allow the pilots, drivers and pedestrians to know precisely where they are just by seeing the patterns or colors of the lights. Pilots will be able to identify an airfield based solely on a pattern in the grass, drivers will be able to identify left and right turns based on the colors of the lights, and hikers will know how far they have traveled on a trail by the colors of the lamps or their patterning.

Purchasing obstruction lamps for the safety of everyone at a venue is of paramount importance. Pilots and drivers need to feel confident about where their vehicles are going, hikers will want to know how far they have traveled without worrying with maps and GPS programs on their smartphones, and the facility will be safe from hazards that befall other places where safety is not of great concern.

In order to manage a safe facility or construction site, the manager must put time and energy into find the proper obstruction lights. The obstruction lights from will help to fill the needs of many different places all with the same goal of safety. Rest assured that a pattern of lights will help to maintain safety anywhere they are used.

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