Auto Maintenance 101: How to Save Money on Car Repair

| October 24, 2014

Auto Maintenance 101 How to Save Money on Car RepairAuto maintenance can be expensive. Depending on your financial situation, have your car repaired can feel like it is back breaking. Sometimes you may feel like you are better off buying a newer car just to save money on repair, but that can be just as much if not more expensive than repairing your own car. You may also be considering letting your car go without any kind of routine maintenance or repair just to save money right now. However, that can also be very dangerous and put your car in worse shape than it is now. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can save money on your car repair.

Plan Ahead to Save Money

Most individuals have an automobile that requires a routine or emergency repair occasionally from a professional mechanic. Technicians who work on vehicles have specialized training along with owning expensive equipment and tools. In addition to charging for replacement parts, drivers pay for a mechanic’s labor, leading to huge repair bills. Before agreeing to a repair on a vehicle, drivers should consider these tips to save money.

Tip One: Shop Around

After taking a vehicle to a shop, a mechanic will perform a diagnostic before providing a quote for a repair. Many drivers are unaware that vehicle repair centers offer competitive pricing. Ask the current mechanic questions to determine exactly what the problem is while writing down the information. Then contact other mechanics to learn what their price is for the same repair to find a better deal on parts and labor. You may be able to find a better deal for the kinds of repairs that your car needs to have.

Tip Two: Use Coupons

Vehicle repair shops often place percentage off coupons in local newspapers and advertising flyers. Instead of throwing these items away, you must cut out the coupons to keep in the glove compartment of a vehicle in case it requires a repair. It is also possible to find coupons listed at a mechanic’s website to save money on simple or complex automobile repairs.

Tip Three: Vehicle Coverage

According to Anthony Clark Insurance Ltd., if you are driving a car that is in constant need of repairs, you will want to make sure that you have emergency coverage or roadside assistance on your insurance policy. Chances are that at least once a year, you will need some type of emergency service at home or on the road. For just a few extra dollars a month, you can have vehicle towed in, flat tire repairs and battery charging for free or a reduced price.

Tip Four: Barter Services

If you are short on cash, consider bartering services with a mechanic. Due to the poor economy exchanging services is a popular practice. For instance, if you have a cleaning business, then trade sanitizing services to have brake linings or engine belts replaced. Bartering can require using negotiating skills but is a great way to save money on vehicle repairs.

Learn about Vehicle Repair

Most mechanics are honest, but a driver should understand a few vital things about the vehicle they own. Keep track of past automobile repairs while filing warranties for parts to save money in the future. To avoid additional repair expenses, take time to learn about the basic components of a vehicle in order to understand what a mechanic is talking about.

In conclusion, there are ways in which everyone can save money on their car maintenance and repair. Keep in mind that the suggestions above are just a few of many different possibilities that will take the weight off of your wallet and bank accounts when it comes to your car expenses.

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