An Overview of Marketing Management Courses

| July 25, 2013

marketingThe courses in Marketing Management help the students to understand the concepts, techniques, procedures and tools of marketing. It also helps to develop and implement the marketing approach to formulate the existing problems and propose solutions. The article discusses about the marketing management courses and their future prospects in today’s highly competitive world.

Marketing is one of the sectors that have experienced dynamic changes in less time. The emergence of social networks, the exponential growth of electronic commerce, new technologies, new consumer title role, and the development of distribution channels, all are the alternative uses of mobile media and marketing. In the last few years we have seen companies and organizations operating in an increasingly dynamic environment, which is both competitive and globalized. An environment profoundly influenced by the Internet, new promotions and sales channels and improved communication with customers is ideal for the businesses. This means that the job of marketing professionals is about to get more complex, with multiple challenges being faced by them.

A number of colleges and universities offer courses in marketing. Marketing Management from BRAOU (Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Open University), WLCI (Wigan & Leigh College India), IIT Bombay, and others remain the most popular among the aspirants.

The course

The courses in Marketing Management develop the technical knowledge and skills needed to meet the current demands of the marketing area. Professionals and managers capable of leading successful marketing departments of companies and organizations, with a strong background and knowledge of all branches of marketing, and professionals who have the ability to make technological advances into a competitive advantage are most required by the industries.

The Marketing Management courses teach the intricacies of: fundamentals of marketing, the marketing environment, segmentation and positioning, consumer behavior, the information system and marketing research, decisions of products and brands, pricing strategies, distribution channels and marketing communications.

The main objectives of this program are:

  • In depth knowledge of basic concepts governing the marketing today.
  • Provide a clear vision of the opportunities and risks posed by new marketing trends, especially those related to Internet.
  • Develop the skills to identify opportunities, threats and changes in the competitive environment of the company.
  • Mastering the basics of the different policies of marketing, and its actual application in particular cases.
  • Learn about the latest techniques for obtaining market information and look into the establishment of a Marketing Information System.
  • Becoming a manager able to communicate and motivate teams, and develop leadership skills, negotiation, teamwork and personal marketing.

Future prospects of marketing management

Companies seek the professionals who are proficient at the advertising techniques. Marketing professionals today must be able to create online marketing strategies and be able to tap the huge potential offered by new technologies and social networking companies to achieve their goals. These professionals are today very popular as companies are increasingly aware of the importance of these new disciplines.

The students of marketing management need to manage online advertising and see the actual results of their work. This strategy should develop social networks, monitor results, search engine advertising, affiliate marketing, blog creation and positioning, creating online marketing campaigns, and ultimately using all the tools being used by the leading professionals of the industry. The courses in Marketing Management are specifically aimed at recent graduates who are interested in e-marketing, media and advertising, and those who want to improve or consolidate their activities in the social Web environment.

The program helps the students to thoroughly understand the basics of digital marketing, and manage brand reputation in digital environments and crises. Marketing management courses also help the students to develop, build, integrate and develop communication channels and loyalty in the social networking strategies framed in relationship, communication and sales with current and potential customers, and develop viral strategies through the various applications available on the Web. The participants can smartly implement virtual stores to develop policies for e-commerce, and check the metrics used to measure results and interactions, as well as data visualization tools for decision-making. Other skill sets include managing all aspects necessary for the profile and role of a community manager, and know the legal actions affecting in digital environments.

The participants in the program learn various required in the industries, which include:

  • Design, implement and manage marketing oriented e-business or e-business enterprise.
  • Build capacities to understand the market trends and act accordingly, ensuring the success and viability of the various initiatives of the organization.
  • Direct marketing teams focused on innovation, creativity and generate added value.
  • Understand and properly integrate the functionality and resources of ICT and the Internet in the marketing strategy of the organization.

Courses in Marketing Management are aimed to produce eminently practical, professional performance-oriented professionals. The overall objective of the courses is to well equip the participants with various skills such as knowledge and attitudes needed to organize, manage and lead the development of marketing projects, as well as digital content management. The course enables the students to know and use all the tools necessary in order to optimize the results of an organization and improve its competitiveness in the industry.

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