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| December 5, 2013

OracleAre you looking for a career that ensures professional growth and work recognition? If yes, then Oracle is the gateway to your career dreams. The following article talks about the career opportunities available at Oracle and discusses the advantages of Oracle careers. Read more, if you do not want to miss any golden opportunity…

Oracle career is the right place for getting your dream job. The company offers employment to the global workforce, including college graduates. So, let’s see what does the company has in store for you!

Oracle- Company’s Overview

Oracle has been the key player in database software for over three decades. The company has successfully marked its presence from storage and servers, to middleware and database. It has played a major role in changing the entire face of business computing. The focus of the company is to provide its customers with the hardware and software services. Moreover, in order to maintain the trust of customers on its technology, Oracle continues to lead the database software industry with its innovations.

The integrated, open and complete solutions of Oracle offer quality performance at reduced cost. These industry specific integrated solutions are designed to address a wide range of complex business processes in different industries.

Why Oracle?

After getting an overview of the company, the next question that needs to be answered is that why you should consider Oracle careers?  This can be best answered by taking a look at the benefits offered by Oracle to its employees. These include:

  • Chance to Enhance Talent: Oracle is one such company that is focused about the professional development of its employees. In order to motivate the talent and groom employees in their expertise, the company conducts extensive training program, tools and development activities. The supportive environment at Oracle ensures self-management of employees and career opportunities across the world.
  • Enhance Your Network: It is the place where a person can experience global exposure and build his network. Oracle includes a collaboration of over 115,000 skilled employees and around 390,000 loyal customers from across the globe, which creates a perfect platform to create a strong network.

·    Earn Lucrative Salary Package: Oracle values the talented people and hence believes in compensating them at the best. So, this company offers a great chance to an employee to leverage the fully integrated business solutions and portfolio of the company to ensure Oracle’s as well as your success.

  • Maintain Work-Life Balance: Oracle is a brand that understands the importance of creating a balance between personal life and career. Hence, employees working with the company can enjoy flexibility. Some unique employee programs like Employee Assistance Program (EAP) allow the employees to address their problems that affect the life at work or home. EAP program is aimed to offer confidential and personal assessment to employees seven days in a week.
  • Be Recognized: The company offers a great opportunity to it employees to build their personal brand by growing as a professional with Oracle. By giving maximum efforts towards the achievement of the organizational goals, employees can simultaneously open doors for his promotion and growth in the work area.
  • Experience a Progressive Work Culture: The work culture at Oracle not only provides experience a dynamic work environment, but also an opportunity to learn from the best people in the industry. The healthy competition in the company keeps them motivated and productive.

The employee benefit programs are designed uniquely for different regions to ensure that the employee needs are met successfully. Creating the job satisfaction at each level, the above reasons together make Oracle the most sought after career option among the job seekers.

Oracle adopts principles of corporate governance as a part of its commitment for excellence in work. With the availability of business ethics, business conduct resource and transparency of work, Oracle creates a congenial work environment.

With a variety of global career possibilities available at Oracle, the job seekers can find a lucrative opportunity to kick-start their career by searching various vacancies at Oracle careers. So, if you are the one who strives for success in career, Oracle is the right option for you.


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SwatiSwati Srivastava is an avid writer who writes career related articles for various leading online job portals. The above article talks about the opportunities at Oracle careers.


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