A Smart-Saving Strategy for Hunters (Part 2): Choosing the Right Hunting Knives

| November 7, 2013
Bowie Knife made by Tim Lively

Bowie Knife made by Tim Lively (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you would call yourself a hunter, then probably you are married to your beloved hunting weapon. But another thing that I am absolutely sure of is, you are having an illicit affair with hunting knives. Well, you can never call yourself a hunter, unless you possess even just one of them. For many hunters, they would only feel complete and fully equipped when they have at least one knife when on a hunting expedition.

Whether you are duck hunting, bear hunting, boar hunting, etc., your hunting knife will serve essential roles to make your experience a lot easier and more fulfilling. When you are preparing your game, your blade will also come in handy. But more than that, the right knife could also be your best weapon against anything on any tricky situation.

Why bring a knife?

  • Close-range attack on your game will be more exciting with a reliable knife.
  • Cleaning, skinning, cutting or preparing your game will be easier.
  • It is useful in creating and marking your trails, setting up a camp, and related matters.
  • For safety and survival purposes, it could be dependable.

The common hunting knives

  • The Drop-point. Ideal for big-game hunters due to its curved and strong blade which will make skinning and preparing your game easier and faster.
  • The Bowie. Ideal for big-game hunting and self-protection, this knife requires careful handling and use due to its fine blade.
  • The Skinner. Specifically designed for skinning purposes, this knife will make your skinning job trouble-free while keeping the meat safe.
  • The Pocket Knife.  Though it has limitations when it comes to function, it is said to be a very convenient type that is within reach at all times.
  • The Fixed-Blade. The best hunters in the world consider this the most credible knife to fulfill all of a knife’s purpose during hunting. If we are going to talk about sharpness, durability and convenience, this one will never disappoint you.

Things to consider when choosing a hunting knife

Choosing the the right knife entails adequate thinking and knowledge of the tool and how it would assist you on your exploit. Determine which knives would fulfill every need of your hunting job where it is required.

  • Do you need a multi-purpose knife? You will surely have a difficult time looking for this kind of hunting knife. Most hunting knives are designed for specific purpose. But there are some that could be used for more than one function.
  • Do you want it big, medium or small? Size really matters in choosing a hunting knife, depending on what you need it for. Every size has a specific intent. The bigger the knife, the more you can maximize its usage.
  • Is it easy to handle? Of course, you don’t want the knife to slip away when you are using it. Knives with easy grip and slide resistant handles will surely work on your advantage. And, it should be easy to carry, manageable and convenient considering that you are taking it as hunting companion.
  • What about its quality? Get the best, of high quality and within your budget. Thoroughly check the anatomy of your prospect weapon. Make sure that every aspect of it will not put your money to waste.

When you go out hunting, always bear in mind the basics. Always be the hunter and not the mistaken prey. Gear up and be prepared to experience the unparalleled thrill and excitement of hunting!

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer and outdoors enthusiast. He particularly enjoys duck hunting.

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