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| November 1, 2013
English: Picture from the Samsung Omnia 7 (als...

English: Picture from the Samsung Omnia 7 (also known as Samsung I8700) with Windows Phone 7 Homescreen. Deutsch: Bild des Samsung Omnia 7 (auch bekannt als Samsung I8700) mit Windows Phone 7 Homescreen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Released earlier this month, the budget brother of Lumia 1520 has shown its worth with its 6-inch handset and Windows Phone operating system. Nokia Lumia 1329 has been successfully invading the market ranking high and competing with all other devices of the same genre such of Apple, Samsung and HTC.

What has Lumia 1320 got?

Let’s get to the following areas one by one and discover the glory that is of Nokia’s Lumia 1320.


The full fledged phablet sizes up to six inches, which is way commendable for feels good and absolutely fits perfectly in the hand without being heavy even with its size.


The 6-inch screen looks absolutely good for a 720p display with all the nice and bright color range.


This phablet has a 5-megapixel snapper which works satisfactorily in both day and night. You can also get all Nokia smart camera applications by just simply tapping the main camera screen. Both Sports and night mode are also available within a touch away. Pro Camera UI is also included allowing you to adjust the settings directly with just the slider controls – easy to use and provides users a maximum experience of changing settings.

Operating System

Windows Phone OS is all out in helping Lumia catch up with the rest of the leading brands in the mobile market. The six tiles across the Start screen allows easy access to every application. It has a Driving Mode or Car Mode which is very useful specially on drives for it stops any incoming messages or calls that might distract you from your wheel of focus. This also allows users to multitask but save battery by just shutting the search window while leaving open the resulting app. Moreover, its Smart Internet provides you a WiFi hotspot even without you turning on and off your device!

What makes Lumia even better is the price range it offers for it is way cheaper in comparison to all the leading brands but can already provide you with the best features! Get only nothing but the best with Nokia Lumia 1320’s 720p screen, 6-inch display and dual-core CPU!

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