6 Of the Most Expensive Car Repairs An How To Avoid Them

| January 19, 2014

6 of the Most Expensive Car Repairs and How to Avoid ThemVehicles require upkeep. You are setting yourself up for an expensive awakening if you neglect to change the oil, ignore the check engine light, or skip routine servicing. You should diagnose your vehicle’s problems early. You have to do this before it escalates.

Repair/Replace Cylinder

Small issues like misfires can lead to bigger problems later on. Cylinder failure is the biggest issue of all. The temperature can get too hot in the cylinder. This happens when the appropriate mix of fuel, air, and spark are not there. The parts can be pricey. The labor is a lot to deal with as well. The mechanic has to take the engine apart. This repair is so expensive. A lot of people scrap their car altogether. Cylinder failure does not happen very often. It only happens if the vehicle continues to be neglected. There are many warning signs before this happens.

Replacing Hybrid Inverter Assembly

You cannot find an inverter at your local Firestone, but the good news is that an inverter does not fail often. However, if it does fail, it can be really expensive to pay for a new one. The inverter will depend on the vehicle. Unfortunately, unlike these other car ailments, inverter failure cannot be prevented. If you want, you can get an additional warranty for a hybrid inverter.

Replacing Transmission Assembly

The transmission takes power from the engine. It makes the wheels go. It plays a vital role. Many transmissions get neglected. Many people focus on the engine and neglect the transmission. If the transmission does not work, the car is not going anywhere. You can find out when to take your car in for transmission work, which could end up being free. Just keep tabs on your car’s technical service bulletins. This is available through the CarMD website or from the dealer.

Replacing Spark Plugs And Cylinder Head Assembly

Misfires in your engine are generally caused by spark plug trouble. If this is neglected, this can heat up the cylinder. When the check engine light flashes, that means it is a misfire. If you keep driving your vehicle after this, you are doing mechanical damage to the vehicle. Getting someone to look at this problem right away is essential in avoiding any further costs caused by further damage.

Camshaft Replacement

Camshafts work the valves within a car’s engine. It presses them down and forces them to open. The system manages how the engine takes in air. The build up on valves that come from using low quality fuel or not changing your oil frequently is usually the cause of camshaft failure. In order to keep your camshafts working properly, you should get your valves adjusted and change your oil often.

Injection Pump Replacement

The injection pump delivers fuel into the engine’s cylinders. For this repair, the mechanic has to put the car on a hoist and the rear has to be disassembled. To avoid this repair, follow the maintenance program for your vehicle. If you change the fuel filters on a regular basis, your fuel pump should stay clog free as well.

While expensive car repairs aren’t always avoidable, there are some preventative measures to take to keep your car in good shape and limit repairs all together. If you don’t know much about how to take care of your car, it’s best to educate yourself about your specific model and how to maintain it on your own. Don’t wait until your car stops working to worry about taking care of it. Information for this article was provided by Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler, a company that provides front end car repairs in Calgary.


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