6 Internet Marketing Strategies to Double Traffic to Your Dental Practice Site

| October 22, 2013
English: A little girl has her first visit to ...

English: A little girl has her first visit to the dentist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days, if your business doesn’t have a presence on the web, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. This especially applies to dental practices.

More and more Americans are having a problem finding a good dentist. Your website can be a great tool to connect with new patients.

Here are six tips to double the site traffic to your dental practice’s website.

1. Location, location, location

People search for a dentist who’s nearby. For search engine purposes, you want to make sure your practice is associated with your area.

While you don’t want to spam your page with location-based keywords, you do want to mention your city, town, and region enough to satisfy search engines. Putting your address on the bottom of each page is a good step, as is talking about your roots in the community.

Ideally, you want your practice to show up when people search for “Dentist + Your Location.”

You’ll also want to include information about emergencies. Sometimes a person will have a dental emergency and will turn to the web for a quick answer for what to do. So be sure and address such services somewhere on your web page.

If you’re in New Mexico, for example, a page with the keywords “Albuquerque emergency dentist” will help residents of your community find you when they have an urgent problem.

2. Offer general advice

Don’t spend page after page describing how you’re the greatest dentist ever and put all others to shame. It feels forced, and dental customers don’t tend to appreciate a hard sell.

Instead, take some time to describe the procedures you perform. Dentistry can be confusing and scary to people. Offer a plain explanation of common procedures such as Invisalign, implants, and clear braces. Your future patients will see you as straight-forward, honest, and knowledgeable.

3. Get personal

Everybody wants personal, individual care from the dentist. Your website creates your first impression, so you should make it a good one.

You want to convey your professional experience, but you also want to give readers a sense of who you are personally. Discuss your family, your roots in the community, why you like being a dentist, and other things that makes you you.

4. Be photogenic

People generally want two things from their teeth: they want them to be healthy and they want them to look good. Describing your work is a good start, but nothing beats photographic proof.

Bright, white, healthy smiles on happy patients go a long way, especially if there are “before” pictures to compare them to. Be sure and post plenty of photos on your site.

5. Offer testimonials

Generally speaking, people prefer a personal referral when searching for a dentist. Barring that, they search the web for dentists in their area.

Putting testimonials on your website is the next best thing to a personal referral. If potential patients form a bond — even a virtual one — with real people who have had a great experience at your practice, they’re much more likely to contact you for an appointment.

6. Be pretty

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing aspect of many dental practices. People don’t just want healthy teeth, they also want a great smile.

It’s important to dedicate a portion of your website to cosmetic dental procedures, since an expert cosmetic dentist is what many people will be searching for. Promises of a white, straight smile will draw lots of attention.

As a dentist, it’s your job to care about the dental health of your community. Unfortunately, you can’t do that unless your community knows you exist. Your website is one of your practice’s greatest assets. Stand out from the crowd with these six tips. The results will have everyone smiling!


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