6 Higher Paying Alternatives For Adsense

| January 19, 2014
English: Google AdSense Español: Google AdSense

English: Google AdSense Español: Google AdSense (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of web marketing experts complain that they are not generating decent income from their Adsense ads or that their accounts have been banned for reasons they do not know about. Google seems to be very picky in some aspects, and webmasters are tired of this stuff. So they need alternatives, and we have what they want here. We have done a in-depth research to find out the truth behind Google Adsense alternatives, and you will benefit a lot from out findings. But a caveat is important here: these Adsense alternatives do not come close to the payouts of the content network of Big G – please bear this fact in mind. Online advertising expending has increased because advertisers understand that metrics such as CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and CTR (Click-Through-Rate) used in Internet ads justify their spending in these types of ads over other media such as TV and newspapers.

The Direct Approach

You can approach the advertisers you see in the Adsense ads of your website and let them know that advertising space is available in your virtual property. However, you should expect at least a month to do this in order to obtain more solid data. This Adsense alternative makes a lot of sense since you will end up earning way more being a direct advertiser rather than a broker – which is the case of an Adsense publisher. You also need to take note of the advertisers that Google serves up in your site, and careful planning will be important for your sucess here.

Bing/Yahoo Network

Bing and Yahoo Ad Network pays decent money per click, but they are below Adsense in this aspect. Bing and Yahoo Ad Network has an excellent customer support, which means that you will keep generating income if something weird happens and you need support quickly. One of the best things about the advertisers that you get from this network is that they tend to spend more money compared to Google advertisers.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is an advertising network that some of the top grands in the world use to engage their customers. These firms are very careful about the type of exposure their get from the Web, so they only opt for getting traffic from highly reputable websites, and getting accepted into Tribal Fusion as a publisher is very hard for these reasons.If you want to become a publisher for Tribal Fusion, your website must have at least 500,000 active users, professional design, high quality content, and other things that most websites out there simply do not get up to. You will be able to control which advertisers can be found in your website, and even block their accounts if needed.


Infolinks is one of the most famous Adsense alternatives, and the amount of money you get out of them depends on your niche, traffic, among other things. Infolinks do not have the problem that many publishers face with Adsense such as suspended accounts for no apparent reason, or not getting paid due to low balance. You will not get $2 for a click – such as with Adsense – but their payouts are easy to reach if you have decent traffic and the right niche selection. The in-text ads of Infolinks could be also used along with Adsense ads in your website, which is an ideal supplement to your income. In fact, you will see an increase in your income if you use in-text links and Adsense ads in any site you have.


Chitika is another important option when it comes to getting an alternative to your Adsense income. In fact, Chitika ads should be used not on general pages about any topic, but in pages that talk about an specific product. Thus you will get even more revenue from your traffic if you do it.


BuySellAds is one of the top options when it comes to alternatives for Adsense. They have thousands of advertisers and options you can use to monetize your traffic. If you have an email list or Twitter account with hundreds or thousands of followers, you can use BuySellAds to get even more revenue from them.

Web marketing experts complaints about many things, and getting little money from Adsense is part of their list of problems. They need alternatives such as Bing/Yahoo ads, Infolinks, Chikita and others. They will not get huge money per click with these networks such as the case of Google Adsense, but they will have alternatives to the tricky behavior of Big G in this aspect.

Author Bio – John Gary is a baby boomer living in New York. He has a degree in Sociology for the University of Pennsylvania and a Master degree in Communication from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. He owns his company specialized in social media marketing campaigns on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.



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