6 Great Credit Cards to Dine Out

| July 23, 2013

credit cardsIf you are following a strict budget, dining out is definitely at the bottom of your priority list. What you will spend for a meal is enough to pay for the entire week’s grocery items. However, you can use dining out to your advantage if you will use the dining credits that you have earned from your credit card usage. Dining out frugally is possible if you will use the credit cards included in the list found in this article. Using any of these credit cards will allow you to earn double points, find out if you have already signed up for these credit cards:

1. Citi Forward Card – Citi cards are not quite popular when it comes to rewards, but Citi Forward is an exemption. In fact, it is considered as the leader in terms of dining out rewards. The cardholder will get 5x the rewards if the cards are used for entertainment and dining purposes. The rewards are in the form of Thank You points and cardholders can redeem it for their travel expenses and gift cards. Citi Forward card users will get five points for every dollar spent on dining out or entertainment.
2. American Express Blue Sky – You will get one point for every dollar you spend using this credit card. However, points are doubled if you use them on hotels, car rentals and dining. If you are going to use the points for your cash back statements, the return will be 1.33 cents. Therefore, when you use the card in restaurants, you will get a cash back of 2.66 cents.
3. Chase Sapphire Preferred – There are different credit cards offered by Chase that will allow you to earn points. However, Sapphire is the best card to use in terms of restaurant charges. Other Chase credit cards allow its users to get one cent per point for cash back and gift card rates. With Chase Sapphire Preferred, the cardholders will get 7% bonus points per year, although $95 annual fee is only waived on the first year. Thus, for every meal it I worth 2.14 points.
4. Open Road Discover card – Excellent customer service is what Discover cards are known for. Open Road cardholders will receive a cash back worth 2% for their gas and dining purchases. However, only 1% cash back will be received for other purchases made using Discover Open Road. Annual fee is also not applicable for this credit card.
5. Marriott Rewards Premier – Cardholder will get one point for every dollar spent on every purchases, but points are doubled for dining at restaurant charges. Cardholders will also get double points if they use their Marriott Rewards Premier for rental and airline charges. If cardholders are going to use their credit cards on Marriott properties, they will receive 5 points for every dollar spent. If you spend $1000 on Marriott properties, it means that you will get 500 points for it.
6. Harley-Davidson Visa Credit Card – This is another great credit card to use when dining out. Cardholders will earn 2 points for every dollar spent on restaurants, bars, gas stations and lodging merchant. Then 1 post is earn for most purchases, but if cardholders will use it at Harley-Davidson dealership, that means 3 points for every dollar spent. There is no limit as to how much cardholders can earn in Harley-Davidson Visa credit card. Aside from that, cardholders have the chance to win the famous Harley-Davidson motorcycle each month.

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