5 Ways to Make Your Store Stand Out

| September 30, 2013
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English: Safeway Store Lifestyle look Produce Dept. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s important to be seen as different in this modern market. People often walk by any store that doesn’t grab their attention immediately. When you lose your ability to be noticed you lose your customers so sometimes adjustments need to be made to make the store more noticeable. Here are five things you can do to make the store stand out.

Imaginative Displays

Remember, the first thing that is going to make someone decide your store is different to everyone else’s is going to be the shopfront, this is your one chance to make a first impression, make it big. Putting out a grand imaginative display will help you be seen as cutting edge and different to those around you.

Lifestyle Displays

They’re selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle and there are things you can quite easily do to reflect this. Remember that the brand and the ideas behind your products are more important than the products themselves or even the store selling them. Set up a vignette, or lifestyle display to show your customers how your products look, how they feel, what they’re like to use. Let your customers see why they want what you have to sell over what your competitors are selling. If they can enjoy imagining themselves using the product the battle is won. For some ideas on how to do this and some help visit www.tuprojects.com.

Special Events

Special Events does not mean sales. It means something interesting, something like DIY days, signings, guest speakers, etc. Do not rehash the same ideas as all the other stores are doing and don’t copy and paste your competition. Find something particularly in your own idiom and idea, relating to the lifestyle you’re trying to promote. Have the events posted up in your store so that people will know when they can see them. Suddenly you’re not just a store, you’re a place people go to do something they enjoy.

Face to Face Contact

The importance of the human touch cannot be overstated. Go up to your customers, provided they don’t look like they’re busy or don’t want to be bothered and ask them what they think of the store. Ask how they think you could improve it.  People love to feel like they’re being listened to and their advice is being taken to heart and who knows, they might just think of things that you didn’t.

Price Points

Have a variety of prices for a variety of budgets, this isn’t to sell the products, it’s to sell the brand and the store, that way when they want the big ticket items, they’ll think of the store where they bought that delightful little thing that one time.

Whether you choose to go bigger and grander or add that personal touch there’s always a way to get the edge over the competition. Pick what’s right for you, just remember in retail if you don’t stand out, you don’t stand long.

This article was written by Robert Barlow.


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