5 Unique Franchise Opportunities

| October 31, 2013

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Buying into an existing franchise is a prosperous way of expanding a reputable and successful brand. In today’s market, Australia is one of the most franchised countries in the world meaning that consumer’s loyalty to a particular product is at an all-time high. If you are considering acquiring a franchise, you’ll need to prove that you have existing experience managing a business. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a serious investment that requires dedication, passion and skill. Sounds like you? Here’s five unique franchise opportunities that you may have never considered before.

Ben and Jerrys

To work in an ice cream store was (and maybe still is) every child’s dream job. To go into work each day and test the new flavours, what could be better? Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream are on the lookout for franchisees to join the herd and spread peace, love and ice cream. They want people who have had at least two years prior restaurant or retail management experience in the last ten years, a sharpness for business and willingness to be involved in the community. Ben and Jerry’s are famous for their endless combinations; it’s a product that people will go out of the way to purchase. A Ben and Jerry’s ice cream franchise, would suit people that are already socially conscious. Why? Each scoop shop is made of recycled materials and they also have a focus on environmental education throughout the company.  All their products also contain hormone-free milk, and they have a strong commitment to reducing solid and dairy waste, recycling, and water and energy conservation within the company’s facilities.

Plus Fitness 24/7

We all know Jetts as a leader of 24/7 gyms, but there’s one problem with them. They don’t have group classes. To be a part of one of those gyms you almost have to pay double. This isn’t the case at Plus Fitness 24/7; they are committed to a low weekly cost, twice the facilities and a great range of group classes like boxing and circuit. To buy into a franchise, you don’t need to have any qualifications. You just have to prove that you are willing to follow their procedures and they will provide all the training for you.

7- Eleven

7-Eleven is a staple convenience store for shift workers, last minute needs, sausage rolls on a big night out and Slurpee’s on a hot summer’s day. They provide necessary items like milk and bread, hot food, coffee, snacks and are now focusing on petrol. They were voted franchise model of the year with highly satisfied franchisees by the Franchise Council of Australia two years running. To apply, all you need to do is go to their online website and submit a request form.

Latte Cartelle

Everyone is so busy these days. Most people will tell you that they have no time to stop and smell the roses. That’s why convenience is a necessity. Latte Cartelle understand this, which is why their business is focused on drive thru coffee. They currently have a number of sites in Victoria, with new opportunities for Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

Ready Steady Go Kids

If you love the idea of encouraging sports and physical activity for children, then Ready Steady Go Kids might be the franchise for you. They are Australia’s leading pre-school sport and exercise program for kids aged 2 – 6. They promote healthy lifestyle, aim to decrease childhood obesity, support participation and inspire confidence. As a franchisee you will have the high potential for multiple revenue streams, be able to buy in at a low cost and maintain the business with a small overhead, and have the chance to develop your business with ongoing support and training.

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