5 Reasons Your Doctor’s Office Should Be Doing More Marketing

| January 30, 2014

5 Reasons Your Doctor's Office Should Be Doing More MarketingJust about every industry has become extremely competitive, and that includes all aspects of the medical industry. As a practicing physician, you want to sustain your practice with new patients and maintain your existing patient base. It takes marketing to grow and sustain any business and that is very true of a doctor’s office.

Your Costs Are Going Up

Insurance rates are a big concern for doctors everywhere and the costs are quickly rising. With the general cost of doing business increasing as well, your practice needs new patients to stay in business. The costs to stay in business include the rental of office space, supplies and much more. The basics will not be able to be paid if you can’t keep your patients and gain new customers.

The Insurance Companies Are Getting Tougher

New insurance laws are forcing health insurance companies to cut back on how much they are willing to cover for treatments and medication. That means that your practice will need more patients just to generate as much revenue as you used to. Many insurance companies are putting more financial burden on patients and that is causing some patients to avoid medical care. That means that you will need more patients to make up the lost revenue.

Competition Is Strong

The growth in population around the world has created a demand for doctors. But in countries such as the United States, newly graduated doctors are setting up practices in record numbers. These young doctors are employing strong marketing tactics to call attention to themselves. Doctors using promotional products in Portland and Maine, such as promo key chains and small promotional giveaways, are building their practices by utilizing unique marketing techniques. These promotional products can be customized with the name and contact information of your practice, providing you with continuous marketing exposure to current and potential patients. In order to prevent your practice from getting left behind, marketing yourself like these innovators is a great way to beat the competition.

The Image of Doctors Is Changing

The constant media coverage of everything has started to negatively affect doctors. Scandals involving unethical doctors and concerns over the use of prescription medication have started to shine an unwanted spotlight on the medical profession. One recent article talks about a doctor who was prescribing unneeded pain medication. A good marketing program will help to preserve your image in the public eye as a provider of medical services and a pillar of the community.

People Tend To Forget

With the evolution of the internet and all media services, people are constantly bombarded with information about many different topics. If you want to keep your practice in the minds of your clients, then you need to do some marketing to stand above the noise.

Marketing is something that every good and successful business needs. There are several ways a doctor’s office can market to bring in new patients and sustain revenue.


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