5 Mistakes That Will Keep You From Being A Success

| February 6, 2014

insuranceWe all do it. We look at the successful people in the business world and say “How did they do it.?” What do they have that I don’t? You have to agree that their success has to come from somewhere. Many businesses have good success while the ones we read about in the news have massive success. What’s the secret to having such great luck.

Having great success isn’t just about education. I have two class mates that both went to college and then law school. They both took the bar exam and are lawyers but one runs a successful law firm with 25 partners and the other has blue tarps on his roof because of all the roof leaks. One is a millionaire while the other struggles. Why?

To be successful you have to have the right mindset. You can be knowledgeable but also think wrong.

It Takes Money to Make Money

You have heard this before. A business man must have had lots of financial backing to be so successful. It does happen this way but you can also be successful without it. If you really dig down into a big companies beginnings you will find they probably started at the kitchen table or in the garage. You can start a business from nothing and see great success.

You Have to be Hard and Tough

Have you noticed many movies depict business leaders as tough and arrogant. This is not  true in real business. You can run a business without acting like a tyrant. You can lead a company and make it successful  by motivating the best people you can find. Lead them in your plan and you will succeed.

You Should Be a Big Hit Quickly

Many new business men want to have a big success early in their career. This big success does’t have to happen like this. If you watch the successful people who last many years you will see that they started at the bottom. They worked for many years without success and failed many times. But the cycle of continued perseverance gave them the work credentials to succeed and continue that success.

You Need to Get the Timing Right

When is the perfect time to start a business? The perfect time to start your business is now. Waiting for the perfect time just delays you starting. If you have a good idea, then start now to develop it. If you are waiting for your family or friends to help you , it will never happen. In your life there will always be some obstacle in your path. Start now.

You Need a Business Plan

So many start ups have been delayed because the perceived notion a formal business plan was critical. All you need to get started is to know who your customers are and how you can profitably fill their need. When starting a business I knew what I needed and it wasn’t much. An office space, a computer, ways to take payments and minor business vendors. All these things are very simple to set up.

Starting a business is an intimidating process for the neophyte. But you can’t let fear keep you from doing what you want. Putting your idea into reality is a process. It is a process that  can have many failures along the way. If you aren’t failing then you aren’t trying hard enough. Start today.

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