5 Facts to Know About Investing in Gold

| November 1, 2013

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Gold can be a good investment, since the commodity stays relatively stable and has been a marketable resource for thousands of years. Countries like India consume 25 percent of the world’s gold, which is six times the amount the US has, though gold is still a great investment anywhere because of its general stability, yearly appreciation, and use as an alternate source of income during recession periods.

Selling gold to a reputable pawn shop in your area can be an easy way to earn some extra money, whether the location is in a city like Columbus, Ohio, or a small town in West. Here are some facts to know about gold investment.

1. Supply and demand

Gold is a rare and precious metal that’s in limited supply and therefore will appreciate over time. The gold supply and demand will dictate the value of the metal.

2. Quality

In conjunction with supply and demand, investing in gold means that the products made of it will not rust or tarnish. Gold does not form an oxide film on the surface when it comes in contact with air.

Investing in a metal that does not wear down over time means that you can hold onto it for a long time without its value depreciating. Gold is malleable, ductile, a good conductor of electricity, and it does not cause skin irritations in its pure form.

3. As currency

Gold is recognized as a global currency, so even if the prices drop in the US, other countries will likely sustain a high demand; gold continues to do extremely well in other markets. Investing is an up-and-down battle, but having other markets to compare for investment can help sustain the value.

However, gold in the US also can be considered a more solid form of monetary assets compared to the depreciating US dollar.

4. Hedges

With the inflation hedge, owning gold is an asset because when the US dollar depreciates, the purchasing power of gold remains the same. In a deflation hedge, when companies, banks, and states begin to go bankrupt, gold does not risk default like corporate or municipal bonds.

5. Selling gold

Selling gold to a pawn shop in any part of the country can be a way to cash out on an investment in gold. Pawn shops that buy gold in Columbus will offer a fair market price, and you’ll have a quote before proceeding with any transaction.

Gold can be a financial asset in a market that is ever-changing, and an investment that will only appreciate in value over time as the demand for gold raises.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Gold is a solid investment in that it won’t grow over time. Whatever amount of gold you have will be the amount you have in the future. If you decide to invest in it, check out this video http://www.mutualfundstore.com/archive/investing-in-gold. Right now, the price of gold is pretty high, but it may not be that way in the future. So you can have some gold, but I would have more options than just that in your investments.